In the following paragraphs we will present our establishment and we will provide people with useful information about our hotel, golf course and surrounding places.

Having a longstanding tradition for golf since the early 1900s, the family who owns this hotel has had big plans for creating such a golf course hotel for a long time. Going back to the elders of the family, who used to play golf for fun, they eventually decided to use their noble titles in order to acquire the necessary grounds for establishing such a family business. This is how the golf course hotel was initially founded and to this day, each passing generation from the owner’s family still maintains the business with great enthusiasm and dedication.

Wanting to merge accommodation with golfing features, the members of the family decided to have both a hotel and a golf course, this way managing to make their customers happy with the golfing grounds and also allowing them to spend the night in the glorious hotel.

Ever since the golf course hotel was created back in 1920, it has attracted tourists every year, with an incredible rate of recurrence, making the family famous in the country for their fabulous golf grounds and adjacent hotel. Needless to say that since more and more customers were coming to their mansion every year, they made a lot of friends and new acquaintances, some of which include famous actors and celebrities.

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