Contacting us has Never been so Easy

We welcome all of our customers to contact us by either email, phone, postal services or even social networks. There will be an operator ready to answer to any customer, day and night, all year round. Aside from being able to be contacted by using the contact information available on this page, people will also be able to use the dedicated contact forms that also provide the insertion of custom messages, with the desired length and title, that could explain to our staff all the inquiries that the customers might have.

Contacting usThe owners of the golf course hotel also provide to those who are really interested in meeting them, the chance to come visit the golfing ground and spend some time with them personally, in order to have the chance to get a good idea of the golf service, hotel history and personal detail about the owners of the grounds. No person is too little to benefit from attention in the minds of the owners and they will offer anyone the chance to have a chat with them and spend some quality time in order to know each other and maybe establish a golf package or develop a special contract.

Since the current technological advancements permit such an easy communication worldwide, our customers will be able to contact the staff of the golf course hotel through the easy to use social networks or instant messaging software, where our operators will try and answer as promptly as possible, in order to satisfy the needs of customers that require quick and efficient feedback. Once more, our customers are encouraged to contact us by any means possible and we will strive to offer them the best possible outcome when visiting our golfing grounds. We wish you happy golfing and we eagerly await you on our golf course, where we can enjoy the great scenery while hitting some balls.