Customer Confidentiality is Our Core Concept

Everyone who comes to the golf course hotel will benefit from the utmost confidentiality in the services rendered and our staff employees and members of the specialized staff will make sure to maintain a serious and confidential attitude all day long. Here we value our customer’s personal life and we will do everything in our power to keep all the intimate details and requests that the clients might have, confidential and safe from any gossip or paparazzi.

Customer ConfidentialityThere were several instances when paparazzi followed some of our celebrities that frequent our establishments but our security staff managed to identify the persons way ahead of them even getting near of our valued customers. They were escorted outside of our premises and our clients were fully satisfied with the protection that we had offered them.

Right after arriving at our location, all our clients enter a special confidentiality program that allows them complete secrecy regarding their personal details, and the single item our staff needs for establishing the accommodation details or other services for our clients, is their ID. Furthermore, clients that might require special protection for goods such as jewelry or other important objects, can safely call upon our confidentiality policy and we shall make sure that their goods will remain in good hands for the duration of their stay. We offer high grade safes and secure solution for housing large number of valuables and to this day there has never been any single event where our client’s goods were affected in any way.

Caring for our customers has always been one of our main concerns here at the golf course hotel and we pride ourselves in offering some of the best concierge services in the whole country, having living proof in the numerous testimonials left by our large number of satisfied customers. We invite you to read them in our testimonials page down below.