Early Beginnings of the Golf Club Hotel

As we mentioned earlier on our About page, the legacy of the hotel was largely given by the initiators of this family business, the elders. Having more than 80 years, the golfing grounds didn’t had a hotel right from the start. This came later on as a thoughtful addition to the already great conditions which the golfing facilities provided. It is only in the recent years that the family members decided to build a hotel to match the golf course.

Golf Club HotelHaving in mind the idea of providing accommodation for the customers who came for the golfing grounds, the family decided to build the hotel right next to the golf course, this way facilitating the access of those who played golf all day and could have wanted to get to the comfort of a modern room quickly.

Another very important factor that lead to the building of the hotel is that as the years passed, the golf course got more and more crowded with customers which were rather annoyed by the fact that they needed to get back home instead of spending the night there in order to go back to their golfing session in the second day. Taking notice of these issues, the family started to think about providing a form of accommodation for their customers. Initially having in mind an idea for small huts or a hostel, they have considered the large number of people who came every year and finally decided to go for a large hotel that could house all the customers without any issues.

Finally having constructed a hotel, the family became even more famous and eventually ended up attracting more customers than they could handle. Being delighted about this yet at the same tine a bit frightened by the fact that they might not be able to house all the customers, the family is currently developing plans for extending the hotel in order to avoid any housing issues.