Enjoy Yourself by Playing Golf in Beautiful Scenery

Playing GolfFor those who are looking for a way to spend their free time in the presence of beautiful landscapes and in the same time play a noble sport such as golf, the golf course hotel might just be the ideal place for them. Being located in the outskirts of town, the family’s grounds are home to one of the most scenic landscapes in the country. Here one can find beautiful countryside landscapes, filled with numerous houses and picturesque establishments. People will have no trouble in finding the place, as there are numerous indicators and signs on all leading roads, therefore making the task of finding the place more pleasurable and efficient.

When the week-end comes or vacation starts, one can take his family with him and come to have some relaxing golfing sessions on our establishment. We guarantee that no one will leave disappointed and to attest to that we can call upon the numerous testimonials left by our clients who have enjoyed themselves year after year on our grounds. Featuring a 100 hectare golfing estate, with countless fields and various landscapes, the grounds are home to a great collection of carefully maintained golf courses. One will be able to play golf all day long and still not finish the entire course in a single go.

Complementing the golfing facilities are our hotel and restaurant which will provide countless evenings to remember for our customers. Being located just near the golfing grounds, the hotel and restaurant are housed in the same large building, renovated in Victorian style, with subtle accents of more modern designs. With or without bookings or reservations, we welcome our clients to come and we promise that we will provide them with state-of-the art concierge services and five star accommodation with all the necessary modern devices such as free WiFi, flat screen TVs and Jacuzzi.