Our Special Golf Course Packages

For golfing enthusiasts all around the world or just passionate amateurs, the golf course hotel will make sure to find the appropriate package for the golfing sessions. Be it just a father who wants to teach his children or wife how to play golf and have a good time here on the golf course or it’s businessman who play professional golf and need a place to train for their upcoming competitions, our staff will always be able to find the best possible offer for anyone, with numerous options for customizing the golfing offer to everyone’s needs.

Golf CoursePeople can choose from a wide range of predefined golf course packages that will either offer number of sessions with set durations or just regular packages with predefined number of days during a month. Furthermore, recurring customers can also opt for a yearly package that will bring them even more discounts and additional services outside the golf course, in other areas of our hotel, such as the pool or bar services.

For the demanding customers, our trained staff will always offer a negotiation service and most of the time clients will eventually find the ideal option that would allow them to play golf the way they want. Different discount rates and prices can be discussed and furthermore, our specialized staff will also provide customers with the option of starting contracts.

Either way, our staff will talk to the clients in order to get a good grasp of the requirements that each particular customer might desire and conceive a custom package to meet them. Since our customers are the top priority, our stuff will make sure to come up with a solution for each customer’s request and we are more than certain that every customer will have a good time while establishing the details of the golfing package.