Our State of the Art Golf Course

State of the Art Golf CourseCustomers will enjoy a high quality golfing session when coming to our grounds and we will try to offer only the best services possible for our clients. One will be able to leave his automobile in our large parking lot and from there on we will take care of him and his family in all aspects. After leaving the car on the hands of our selected staff members which will ensure a safe and gentle parking, our clients will be joined by one of our members of the human relations department. Everyone will be asked about their reservation, duration of the stay and other trivial details such as the suite type or smoking preferences.

Once everyone will be nice and comfortably accommodated in our hotel, we will provide them with a guided tour of the golf course. In addition to receiving printed materials containing maps, our customers will also benefit from numerous promotional items such as hats, T-shirts, coffee mugs or even custom made golf clubs. Since the customers are the core concept at our hotel, we will make sure that they will receive all the necessary attention and care from our specialized staff.

The golf course as we said earlier, spans for more than 100 hectares and involves multiple smaller courses, each with different landscape types and hole designs. One will be able to rent a golf cart or be assisted by our personal drivers which will stay by his side all day long. In addition to providing driving services, the golf course hotel also offers golf caddies which will go everywhere the customer prefers, always being close with the necessary equipment. All the golf courses come packed with loads of features and our grounds caretakers make sure that the grass and holes are maintained spotless clean and in working order.