Premium Golf Services for our Gold Members

The golf course hotel will offer a set of special services for the gold members that are part of the gold golf club at the hotel. Maintaining the same core concept which puts clients above the rest of the aspects which the golfing business entails, the golf course hotel staff will provide exquisite services for those who are willing to pay extra and receive in return additional special services for their golfing sessions.

Needless to say that those who will be enrolled in our gold members club will benefit from a cornucopia of advantages and services that were aimed at enhancing their experience here at the golf course hotel. Believing firmly in quality in all the provided services, our staff personnel will make sure

Golf ServicesOur highly specialized staff will make sure that our celebrities and clients that demand more than the usual accommodation and golfing ground services, will get everything they wish, in the legal limits, of course. Having said that, our customers are strongly discouraged to engage in any illegal activities when finding themselves on our premises and upon discovery of such issues they will be banned permanently from our grounds. Bearing that in mind, our customers can request anything they desire, as long as it does not bend the aforementioned statement.

The staff members strive to deliver only the best services and this way ensure that the customers will feel totally relaxed and enjoy themselves as much as possible, without worrying about anything. We will provide exceptional services when it comes to assistance, delivery of special goods, special entertainment services or even permanent protection through our bodyguard staff that is there every day, seven days a week, all year round, ready to serve and protect our valuable customers. Those who wish to benefit from our premium services are encouraged to contact us in either way by using the functionality of the following, contact page.